1. Hmm, I just got spam mail from myself.

    Maybe it is a great time to change my password. 

  2. Disingenuous:

    When too many words are spoken at the same time when not enough words are said. 

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    Ghosts that only visit you at night.

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    The look of a lover’s eyes when what you know is what you’ve known the entire time.

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    A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her.



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    No, you are not as you once were. You are more. And you may not look the same. But you were beautiful then, and you’re beautiful now. Don’t you see? Some flowers bloom twice.

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    — n. a moment of awareness that someone you’ve known for years still has a private and mysterious inner life, and somewhere in the hallways of their personality is a door locked from the inside, a stairway leading to a wing of the house that you’ve never fully explored—an unfinished attic that will remain maddeningly unknowable to you, because ultimately neither of you has a map, or a master key, or any way of knowing exactly where you stand. (via cloudypianoblues)

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    This beautiful tourist garden is filled with plants that could kill you. 

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    I am hopelessly in love with a memory.
    An echo from another time, another place.

    Michael Faudet  

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